Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira: Portrait Chronicles

Since the campaign, Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira has amassed a huge following, his photo book The Tales of Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira: A Collection of Painstakingly Photographed Portraits is now being considered for inclusion in the "Innocence Lost" book collection. Although Portrait Chronicles has just been fully released, You can see the proof of the talented and irreverent photographer's impeccable work below.
Get Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s new book for free
Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s book has been really well received so far and the author has been followed on social media by supporters all over the world. Here’s the link to get a copy of the English version of Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s book. I hope this article will answer your question, if not, please contact me at marcabizmyer@yahoo.com.
Juan Pablo Phoneix introduces his novel Sublime
With the help of Vimeo Video Blogger – Ye Oleow, Juan Pablo Phoneix introduces his highly anticipated novel Sublime. Though the book has not been published yet, Sublime has made its place in some of the most revered fan community's bookshelf's so far, and not only is the author highly supportive of this success, but Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira wants to translate his book to other languages too.
Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s book is translated into 10 languages
To this end, Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s close friend, Miguel Paredes Araújo, an entrepreneur, graphic designer, and graphic literature enthusiast, offers to translate this book into 10 different languages, including English and Spanish. As a rising author and an entrepreneur himself, Juan Pablo Phoneix considers the matter with some seriousness and plans a worldwide campaign.